Kat Loki Southerns files

Members of Red Ridge X and Paranormal Hauntings will be joining together to take part in a special investigation that will be sometime soon at an old Asylum.

Member of Red Ridge X Philip Williams, first contacted Kate about this case and only provided pictures with no background history or name of the building. While Kate was doing her remote viewing into this location Philip member of Red Ridge X was looking at the history and records for the building. He found that the building was Originally called Lincolnshire Lunatic Asylum, the hospital could house 250 patients. The building was expanded in 1889 to house upwards of 680 patients, and by 1902 the site covered 120 acres. By 1926 the site had been further expanded and covered 160 acres. At its height the asylum had 944 beds available for patients, almost four times the original size. Like many asylums the hospital had male, female and children’s wings and used some of the traditional medical techniques in that day to “cure” insanity. The history doesn't even stop there with this place , its terrible history of miss treatment of patients could make you cry.

Next day I received by my surprise a report of the viewing she took. In detail she provided us with the feel of the area and any spirits, such as names and gender that's attached in the building .I was surprised and defiantly amazed with the detail she wrote down , actually main reason why I'm writing this report.

So the report was started with the vast amount of different  energies contained in the building. Kate picked up on a boy called Thomas that bounces a ball and is commonly heard. To Philips surprise he found reports confirming such noises along the children's wing and main reception area... could this be Tom ?.

She picked up also in detail of screams and inhumane acts and that the place would become your tomb. We found that corridors to the cells had honey comb pattern tiles. apparently these was to reduce noise levels. Some may say there was used for fire safety , but there has been evidence and documented reports of old methods used such as brain surgery. Whilst surveyors were excavating the grounds, work had to come to a stop when the place in 1990s  when human skeletons were uncovered. It turned out they had found the burial site.

With the rest of the details requires the team to investigate the area and try and gather up as much results from our upcoming investigation.

Overall we were very surprised with the detail she gave us. With this level of information while carrying out the investigation we could also narrow down what to expect and listen for. Please goto the link below , like share or even ask if she could help you the same, Kate is a very lovely woman and great to work with.

Love light and blessings from Red Ridge X    

Kat Loki Southerns Remote Viewing Files

Case 1: Asylum Report